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We introduced the project programm and also explained the duties of project participants to our students in September 2020 . Mentors exlained topics of projects. Project coordinater collected 9 obligatory registration forms. Some of the students started to work on project drafts immediately. We are happy for their enthusiasm and hope it will last long.

The first task we solved was a questionare about Czech modern history for our partner in Norway. Teachers of History used their lesson and discussed the crucial moments of 20th century in Czech Republic. There were almost 30 questions given by students. Teachers chose 9 professional questions and 1 question from general knowledge. We all know that these questions might be difficult for norwegian students. The same kind of questions are expected to come from Norway.

There were all students mobilities for school year 2020-2021 cancelled by norwegian district autonomies due to the impact of pandemic Covid- 19. Also our secondary school will stop temporarily working on project activities. We hope students involved in our project will utilize their work in next school year.