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In the morning we woke up slowly and took a few steps to a great breakfast from our owners. After the while, we drove away from the accommodation with rented cars and drove to the school of our Norwegian friends. At the school in their auditorium, the time of our last presentations began. It began with Mark’s presentation on the Prague Spring, through Charter 77, the Velvet Revolution that I presented, and Vaness ended it with Václav Havel. After our presentations, we had lunch again in their school canteen. Interestingly, Norwegians are not used to hot lunch like we do, but they usually have some salad and baguette. After lunch we had time off at their school, where we talked to others, learned something interesting about Norway through, for example, Kahoot, which they prepared for us and we got a little snack. After the program at school, we went to our accommodation for a while, where we changed and prepared for the next program. We got in our cars again and drove to such a view of the whole of Leksvik. We loved the view and did not forget to play with the snow that was there. After a while we went back again. We went to a great dinner and then we went back to the accommodation, where we started packing and getting ready for the next day of departure.
Adéla F.