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Our first day with Norwegians started with a trip to Trondheim.
After an amazing breakfast, we took the ferry from Vanvikan (which was the town where the ferry across the fjord came from) to Trondheim. The morning weather was kind of gloomy, but we spent the morning in the museums anyway, so it didn’t really matter. First stop was the justice museum. The first part of the program was a bit about history and then we did propaganda designs in groups. For the record, my team won best propaganda idea. Lunch followed, with us then exploring the museum in between. The next thing on the agenda was the Jewish Museum. Here we learned about the lives of Jews in Norway during and before WWII. The museum is very interestingly done and definitely worth a visit. After the program at the Jewish Museum, we toured Trondheim again. We went to the local cathedral again and then took a forty minute break. Our Czech expedition sat in a cafe next to the cathedral and enjoyed good coffee and pastries. The next thing on the agenda was the army museum. I have to say that for how tired I was, I was very surprised by the gentleman who showed us around, and the museum itself was very interesting. We then moved on to our last stop with one small stop on a hill where we had a beautiful view of the whole town and the fjord. The sun shone miraculously too, and I think everyone took away at least one beautiful photo of Trondheim. So we ended the day with dinner at Tyholttårne Tower, with a beautiful view of Trondheim. We then took the ferry back across the fjord to our accommodation, arriving late in the evening. It was a very busy day, but I learned a lot and discovered the beauty of Trondheim at the same time.
Anna K.